Baisakhi 2024 : To Know The Festival


Introduction to Great Festival "Baisakhi"

The jubilee of Baisakhi is famed every time on the day of Mesha Sankranti, which falls in the month of Baisakh. Along with Punjab, this jubilee is also celebrated with great pomp in areas like Haryana and Delhi. In such a situation, you can make their Baisakhi indeed more special by transferring love communication to your loved ones.

History of "Baisakhi"

The Khalsa Panth was set up on March 30, 1699, by Guru Govind Singh, the tenth practitioner of Sikhs. He’d asked the members of the Sikh community to come forward to immolate themselves for Guru and God. Those who came forward were called Panj Pyara, which meant the five loved ones of the Guru. Later, on the day of Baisakhi, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was handed over the charge of the Sikh Empire. Maharaja Ranjit Singh also established a unified State.

Significance of "This Festival"

This festival has religious and literal significance among the people of Sikh community. They celebrate this jubilee with immense joy and happiness. This jubilee marks the morning of the Punjabi New Year. The jubilee of great festival is celebrated with traditional customs. It is the festivity of the crop, new morning, and the rich artistic heritage of the Sikh community. In this month, the rabi corp is completely ready to ripen and their harvesting also starts. That’s why it is celebrated as the crop and the establishment of Sikhism. It’s said that on this day Guru Govind Singh innovated the Khalsa Panth in 1699. Since also, the jubilee of Baisakhi is celebrated. This day marks the morning of the new time of Sikhs.

How is this Festival Celebrated?

On this day, People of Sikh Community hear to Gurbani and supplicate. In the evening, people clinch each other and compliment Baisakhi. At the same time, they celebrate happiness by performing their traditional dance etc. On this day, Gurudwara is visited and paid obeisance and in numerous places bhandaraetc. are also organized.

How did the name "Baisakhi" come about?

At the time of festival, there’s a Vishakha Nakshatra in the sky. Due to Vishakha Nakshatra being in Purnima, this month is called Baisakhi. The first day of the month of vaisakh is called Baisakhi. On this day, the sun transits in Aries, due to which it’s also known as Mesha sankranti.

Shubh Muhurat of the Festival

Mesha Sankranti of this festival month falls on 13 April 2024, Saturday. In such a situation, the jubilee of Baisakhi will be celebrated on Saturday, April 13. At the same time, the moment of Baisakhi Sankranti is going to be at 09.15 pm.

Best Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Wishes and Quotes

“ May the golden fields of wheat remind us of life’s cornucopia. Happy Baisakhi 2024
“ As the sun rises on this auspicious day, may your life be filled with brilliance and substance.”
“May the scent of blooming flowers bring peace to your heart. Happy Baisakhi 2024”
“Let’s cotillion to the beats of the dhol and celebrate the spirit of concinnity.”
“May your dreams blossom like the vibrant flowers in the fields. Happy Baisakhi 2024”
“transferring you warm wishes for a bountiful crop season. Happy Baisakhi!”
“May the agreeableness of jaggery and the crunch of nuts fill your life with delight.” “On this gleeful occasion, may your troubles be as light as cotton delicacy.”

“May the blessings of Waheguru shower upon you and your family.”
“Let’s rejoice in the colours of it and produce beautiful recollections.”
“May your heart be as bright as the sun and as pure as the flowing swash.”
“Wishing you substance, health, and happiness in cornucopia.” “May the crop season bring you success in all your endeavors.”
“May your life be as various as the fields of mustard flowers.”
“Let’s celebrate the spirit of community and togetherness.”
“May your days be filled with horselaugh and your nights with peace.”
“This festival isn’t just a jubilee; it’s a feeling of gratefulness.”
“May your path be illuminated by the godly light of Waheguru.”

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