Cyclone Remal : Warning in West Bengal

Cyclone Remal : Rainfall timing, states on alert, preparedness, here’s all you need to know

Cyclone Remal is likely to make landfall between the Bangladesh and West Bengal beachfronts around night on May 26. The India Meteorological Department( IMD) on Friday said the” depression” over the Bay of Bengal is likely to consolidate into a volcanic storm by May 25 morning in the east-central region of Bay of Bengal.

What does Cyclone "Remal" mean?

The word means ‘sand’ in Arabic. The latest cyclone, in its full formation, will be called Remal. The name was suggested by Oman.

West Bengal State - Wind warning

The IMD has issued a wind advising for multiple regions. On May 24, squally winds with speeds up to 50- 60 kmph, going up to 70 kmph, are anticipated over the central Bay of Bengal. The Andaman islets will also witness winds with pets reaching 40- 50 kmph, gusting to 60 kmph.
Cyclone Remal
IMD scientist Dr Somenath Dutta said Cyclone Remal will” most likely” hit Bangladesh and its touching West Bengal seacoast at night on May 26. It may make landfall between Sagar islet in West Bengal and Khepupara in Bangladesh.

Orange Alert

The IMD has issued an orange alert for several sections, including Kolkata, Howrah, Nadia and Jhargram, due to anticipated light to moderate downfall.

Over the once 12 hours, it has boosted into a depression and was positioned at 530 am on May 24th over the central Bay of Bengal. It’s roughly 800 km south- southwest of Khepupara in Bangladesh and 810 km south of Canning in West Bengal, as per the IMD.

An orange alert was sounded for Kolkata, Howrah and Purba Medinipur districts. A warning of 80 to 90 kmph wind speed on May 26 and 70 to 80 kmph wind speed on May 27, accompanied with heavy to veritably heavy rain, has also been issued.
A unheroic warning of heavy to veritably heavy downfall( 7 to 20 cm) has been issued for isolated places in Balasore on May 26. The sections in Odisha that are likely to get rains were Balasore, Bhadrak and Kendrapara on May 26 and Balasore, Bhadrak and Mayurbhanj on May 27, rainfall scientist Umashankar Dash said.
Cyclone Remal

Which regions have been issued rain alerts and warnings due to Cyclone Remal?

A red alert for West Bengal’s coastal sections of South and North 24 Parganas quarter and a warning of 100 to 110 km per hour wind speed on May 26 and 90 to 100 kmph on May 27, accompanied by extremely heavy downfall, have been issued by IMD.

What are the preparations in place?

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has deployed 12 teams, with 5 more on standby. The Army, Navy, and Coast Guard are ready with rescue teams and equipment. The Director General of Shipping is keeping ports in Kolkata and Paradip informed. The Ministry of Power has emergency teams ready for quick restoration. District Control Rooms are active, and there are shelters, power, medicine, and emergency services on standby.
The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC), led by Cabinet Secretary Shri Rajiv Gauba, met to ensure readiness for the cyclone. They emphasized calling back fishermen and evacuating vulnerable areas in time. The West Bengal government is urged to reconsider the placement of large hoardings in at-risk areas.

Other upcoming updates

Sea conditions are set to get rough due to cyclone Remal. By May 24 evening, waves in the central and nearby South Bay of Bengal will turn rough to very rough, getting even higher by May 25 morning and reaching very high levels until May 27 morning, as per the IMD. Similar conditions are expected along the coasts of Bangladesh, West Bengal, and nearby North Odisha from May 25 evening, with waves getting high by May 26 noon until May 27 morning. Fishermen are advised to avoid these areas during this time.

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