Ola Electric Mobility (stylized as OLΛ ELECTRIC) is an Indian electric two- wheeler manufacturer, grounded in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. It’s India’s largest electric two- wheeler manufacturer valued around US$5.4 billion as of September 2023. It has a manufacturing installation located in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu which is India’s largest two- wheeler EV manufacturing plant.

Reduced Price Model

Move over Petrol- Switch to the Ola S1 Escooter

Ola Electric Cuts Cheapest E-Scooter Prices By 12.5%

Price of Its Latest Range of Escooters

  1. S1 Pro, to INR 1,29,999
  2. S1 Air   to INR 1,04,999
  3. S1 X+   to INR 84,999

Price Available in three Battery Configurations

  1. 2 kWh-INR 69,999
  2. 3 kWh- INR 84,999
  3. 4 kWh- INR 99,999

Recent Announcement

The original public immolation( IPO)- bound incipiency also said that the deliveries of the new model would commence coming week, that is, post April 21. The escooters have been available for purchase since February 2.
Opining on the advertisement, a company spokesperson said, “ We believe India’s EV industry has reached an curve point with the EV penetration in the 2W segment at an each- time high last month. Our S1 X portfolio now addresses the high outspoken cost of EVs which is one of the major walls to EV adoption. ”
Ola’s robust cost structures coupled with vertically integrated in- house technology and manufacturing capabilities enable us to price our products competitively. With new prices of S1 X and a wide product portfolio across all popular price points, we’re confident of driving EV penetration further across the country, 

Before this month, Ola Electric entered the nod from the Ministry of Heavy Industries( MHI) to vend electric two- wheeler and claim subventions under the new Electric Mobility Promotion Scheme( EMPS), 2024.

Achievement & Milestone

Applicable Price Technology
The Bengaluru- grounded company vended 326,443e-scooters in financial 2024. While it beat its target of 300,000, it had lowered that estimate by two- thirds.
Despite the price cuts, Ola’s cheapeste-scooter costs more than the smallest- priced variants at TVS Motor and Hero MotoCorp- backed Ather, which bring above 100,000 rupees.

Still, it costs lower than Honda’s Activa, India’s top-selling petrol scooter, which retails at 78,000- 82,000 rupees.

The Ola Electric has reached its the registration milestone of 5 Lakh units as per Vahan portal
Ola Electric has slashed the prices of its latest electric scooters range S1 X in a bid to increase the sales and electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Market share

Ola, which started dealing e-scooters in 2021, holds a 35% market share, while TVS and Ather control 19% and 12%, independently of the market, as per government data. India’se-scooter market reckoned for 5% of total two- wheeler deals in financial 2024, according to industry data.

Affordability & Accessibility

Ola Electric’s New S1X Range

Multi Price Ranges Of Ola-Electric Escooter

Ola Electric has taken a bold step forward in making electric vehicles( EVs) more accessible to the Indian market by slashing prices across its S1 X range.

Features & Technology

Each model in the S1 X range comes equipped with advanced features. Top speed of 90 kmph, and a range that can reach up to 190 kilometres on a single charge, depending on the model. These scooters also offer conveniences like voyage control, rear mode, and smart connectivity through the Ola Electric app, which provides detailed lift and energy perceptivity.

Battery Warrenty

Industry-first 8- time battery bond across all its S1 products. This unknown bond period underlines the company’s confidence in its in- house manufactured batteries and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Strategic Focus On Accessibility

Ola Electric’s Chief Marketing Officer, Anshul Khandelwal stressed the company’s strategy to make EVs more accessible.’ We’ve a vertically integrated manufacturing approach, which allows us to keep costs low while maintaining high quality. We produce our own batteries and motors, and concentrate intensively on R&D to insure that our scooters meet the different requirements of Indian consumers,’ he stated.

Pricing Strategy

This pricing strategy by Ola Electric is anticipated to significantly boost EV adoption in India, a country where two- wheeler are a primary mode of transportation for millions. By making EVs affordable, Ola isn’t only feeding to the environmentally conscious but also to the economically practical, broadening the appeal of electric scooters.

The move comes at a time when the Indian government is pushing for increased EV adoption, aiming for 30,00,000 of all vehicle deals to be electric by 2030. Ola’s aggressive pricing is poised to play a pivotal part in achieving these targets, especially in the scooter member, where EV penetration has formerly reached emotional situations.

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